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Companies from China are always in search of foreign talents to bring new knowledge overseas.  Futton is authorized by the Chinese government to recruit foreign experts to China to help the country in its engineering, construction, and research projects.

Futton works with the government of China to organize recruitment fairs and trade shows in Silicon Valley. Types of companies represented range from financial, real estate, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-technology industries. Some government entities Futton has worked with includes: the Guangdong Government, the Hangzhou Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau and the People’s Government of Zhejiang.

Project Highlights

Guangdong Province – Zhuhai. Zhuhai city is actively recruiting experts and entrepreneurs in high-end manufacturing, high-end services, high-tech industry as well as science, education, culture and health. 

Entrepreneurs establishing businesses in Zhuhai may receive rental assistance as well as  funding  up to RMB 2 million and up to RMB 20 million for special projects of important strategic advantage.
Click here to download file: Zhuhai Provisional Measures on Promoting Entrepreneurship.

Ningbo Environmental Monitoring Center. The center is seeking experts in the area of haze forecasting system for environmental monitoring.  (RFQ closed.)

Please contact Futton if you would like to be added to our database of experts or are interested in setting up business in Zhuhai or other parts of China.


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retired & the actively employed
Experts from the U.S. are invited to China on a contractual basis to help China in its engineering and construction projects. Please contact us for more information.

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